The Proprietress

The Founder, Owner and The Proprietress is the ominous Mistress Juliette De Sade.

Mistress Juliette De Sade has 7 years plus of experience as a Professional Dominatrix and prides Herself on Her professionalism and knowledge base.

Sophisticated, classy, charming an extremely unpredictable; you will never find any 2 sessions the same. The Priory 1740 is a small section of this Yorkshire Mistress’s ongoing ever evolving plans.

A trained MUA and degree holder, Mistress Juliette De Sade does not cram sessions in and takes Her time to ensure the deliverance of the session is smooth in the right places. Currently studying Greek and Roman Mythology with a Social Psychology qualification at HE level under Her belt, this Yorkshire Mistress is never contented with complacency and this is reflective within the way on which your sessions are carried out.

Yorkshire Mistress - Huddersfield Mistress

 Access to Mistress Juliette De Sade‘s inner circle is never easy to gain, though once you are in there the benefits are second to none. This Yorkshire Mistress attributes a good amount of energy into personal development, with a loyalty scheme and reward structure for those who have taken the time and put effort into some form of development… matter how small the step.

To book a session here at The Priory 1740, feel free to contact Mistress Juliette De Sade via any of Her website’s

Or call +44 7717749211