The Priory 1740 - BDSM & Fetish Establishment of Education

Welcome to the Priory 1740 – BDSM & Fetish Establishment of Education.

Here you will have exclusive access to information regarding certified courses available in training within BDSM and Fetish subjects.

The BDSM & Fetish Establishment of Education is split into different school and courses specific to the preference of the individual. With a variety of levels to be achieved, each course consists of several modules and comes complete with a course syllabus containing attainment targets which will assist the student to attend pass, merit of distinction.

I shall not go into details as this is My concept which I have been nurturing for several years, though the privileged few will be acknowledge for their hard work and loyalty (no sexual favours….) and will stand out for their achievements and knowledge within their specified subject.

Mistress Juliette De Sade – West Yorkshire Mistress – Owner, Founder & Conceptualist of The Priory 1740 brand